Эпоха американской империи уходит в прошлое Джулье́тто Кье́за / Giulietto Chiesa

"The Kiev Junta" offense. An age of American empire is a thing of the past. TV programme "In point of fact" An interview with Giulietto Chiesa. Giulietto Chiesa commented on the situation in Ukraine. In particular, he said that "Mr Poroshenko can't unable to cope with Donetsk and Lugansk. So Kiev authorities in union with the USA operate covertly. The current Ukrainian government is a clone of the United States. The vote in the European Parliament is a political earthquake. Today in the European Parliament there are people who criticize the behavior of Europe for Ukraine. Attack, which was launched in Kiev during the Maidan blah directed primarily against Russia and simultaneously to subjugate Europe to the USA. The resistance of the Russian people in the Ukraine is a very important moment for the preservation of peace. This is the biggest threat to America. Both China and Russia understand that there's a need to be consolidated and there are all prerequisites for creating an economic, political and even military alliance. America can no longer dictate its terms globally."


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