Nazemroaya: The US is Confronting the Ukrainian People Via Its Puppets in Kiev

As the post-coup regime in Ukraine stormed the Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk and claimed it had.captured the security service headquarters from anti-coup protesters, Press TV interviewed Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya on the situation on May 3, 2014. Nazemroaya points out that the current regime in Ukraine is using armed force against Ukrainian protesters in the south and east of the country. The coup-installed authorities in Kiev are calling the protesters opposing them terrorists and criminals whereas they and their foreign backers have tried to legitimize their own violent takeover of the government in Kiev on the basis that the previous government in Kiev was no longer legitimate because it used armed force against the Euro-Maidan protesters. He also pointed out that unlike before when the US and the EU were supporting protesters against the Ukrainian government, they are now supporting the use of force by the coup-installed government against Ukrainian citizens opposing the coup-installed political figures. Double-standards are at play. Occupying government buildings was good in January and February according to the US and the EU. But since April the occupation of government buildings in Ukraine has been viewed as as a criminal act. Before the US and EU claimed that the Euro-Maidan figures occupying government buildings in Ukraine were democratic activists and issued warnings to Kiev not to disturb them. But now Washington supports armed force against protesters in southern and eastern Ukraine and looks the other way when Ukrainian civilians are killed, because the views of these Ukrainians are not aligned to US and EU interests. The Russian Federation is not the one to blame for the post-coup instability inside Ukraine, the US and the EU, which supported the coup in February 2014, are the parties to blame for the instability in Ukraine. The US wants to integrate Ukraine into its orbit via NATO and the EU while destabilizing and isolating Russia through Ukraine, which is part of a tactic by the Obama Administration, according to Nazemroaya. To read more of Nazemroaya's work or see more of his interviewed, please visit Global Research:


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