Ukraine: Maidan activists set barricades alight in Kiev

VideoID: 20140531-021 M/S Masked Maidan activist throwing Molotov cocktail on tires M/S Activist with Molotov cocktails and activist with rifle in front of fire M/S Uniformed maidan activist pushing away woman M/S Masked Maidan activist brings another tyre to fire C/U Men attacking camera W/S Maidan activists near fire truck, fire on the left C/U Fire truck SOT Igor, Maidan activist (in Ukrainian): "They took off the tents on Grushevskogo street,did they? And now they want to do the same here? Want to disperse Maidan? It will not work! They have not fulfilled the requirements of Maidan. They should do what they promised." M/S Activists W/S Tyres on fire SCRIPT Pro-Maidan activists set barricades made from tyres alight in Kiev's Khreschatyk Square on Saturday.


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